Heather Hodson

I have been involved in sports and fitness my entire life. As my athletic career has evolved I have gotten more specific and diligent in my nutrition, particularly over the last two years. As I entered the arena of competitive CrossFit, I realized the importance and incredible impact of my nutrition on both my performance and my body. Dialing in my daily food intake was hard! Each week I would spend a minimum of 5-6 hours planning, shopping, preparing and cooking food for the week. It was laborious, time consuming and exhausting – but I did it every single week for 2 years because it worked. My performance was at a steady improvement, my body fat was at a steady decrease, and my lean muscle mass was building. As a mom of 2 littles, a 3 and 5 year old, I would always struggle to balance the amount of time and work it takes to eat with this precision and the needs of my family. This is when Ultimate Fitness Foods stepped in. They were immediately willing to work with my very specific nutritional needs and get me exactly what I needed. The amount of support that was shown straight away was amazing! I dove in head first working directly with the executive chef to ensure proper macronutrient balance, portions, and meal composition on breakfasts, lunches and dinners. What began as an exciting new possibility quickly became a dream come true. An incredible amount of time has been freed up by allowing them to weigh, measure, prep, and cook my food. Not to mention, the food is amazing. I can’t wait for my next meal each day and the variety is something I am most impressed with. It is so easy to fall into the rut of chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes when your trying to eat clean. The ideas, variety in ingredients, and execution of these meals make it very clear that Ultimate Fitness Foods is no newbie to the food world! Everything I eat is on plan AND delicious! That’s unbeatable. So take it from me- save your time, treat your taste buds and your waistline, fuel your daily performance, and enjoy your life a little bit more with food from Ultimate Fitness Foods. They will help you reach your goals- whatever they are- a whole lot faster and much tastier.”